Freight News: Week of May 22nd, 2024

New Import Measures Throughout Europe Take Effect June 1st

New import security measures for goods transported via ocean to or through Europe will come to fruition on June 1st. This system will collect data for all goods coming through the European Union prior to their arrival, per the European Commission website.

The rollout of Import Control Systems 2 (ICS2), a customs pre-arrival security and safety program, will occur in three phases. Initially, it will apply to ocean and inland waterway carriers starting June 1st. Following that, it will extend to forwarders submitting house bills of lading by December, and finally, it will encompass road and rail shipments entering the European Union as of April 1st, 2025.

SC Ports Experienced Software System Issue Early This Week

 In recent days, South Carolina ports encountered software system issues, causing disruptions to operations. 

As of Tuesday evening, an SC ports advisory stated gate and yard operations had resumed at all marine terminals and Inland Port Greer. They mentioned that operations at Inland Port Greer would restart soon, but as of late Tuesday, no cargo pickups or drop offs were being accepted at Inland Port Greer. 

Interesting note: per SC Ports website, Wando Welch and North Charleston usually handle 6,000-8,000 truck transactions on a daily basis.


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