Online FCL, LCL, and Drayage rates. Fight Price Creep.

TORCH was specifically built to give access to customers needing instant, accurate, and competitive international shipping rates. TORCH is the first solution that allows transparency into the freight forwarder’s costs, modes, routings, and transit time options. Whether you’re putting together a proposal for a new customer, justifying that you’re not a victim of price creep, or you’re just looking for an efficient and accurate pricing tool, TORCH solves the problem of hidden costs for every shipment.

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The Challenge

RFQ’s can’t encompass the actual changes in the volatility of demand and global economic conditions. However, they are the easiest tool for setting false expectations of annual transportation costs.

Internal business growth combined with shifts in global economic conditions cause volatility in carrier costs which control freight spend for shippers. Shippers attempt to tame this dynamic reality through issuing annual RFQ’s with the false presumption that responses will be indicative of actual costs, when in reality, the problem from the beginning is that RFQ’s are not the solution for transportation cost forecasting.

One of the largest problems with RFQs is the classic ‘Apples and Oranges’ phenomenon. Depending on shipping mode, transit time needed, frequency of shipping, type of product, incoterms, certifications (such as Known Shipper Status), and many other factors, your rates may fluctuate greatly – so much so that it’s likely to render the entire RFQ process useless.

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The Solution

You need on-demand, transactional efficiency by being presented with various pricing, shipping mode, and transit time options in a quantifiable, simple representation.

Every company is tasked with lowering their transportation spend. The easiest way to achieve this is not by lowering individual invoice line items, but addressing various options which were never presented to you. Don’t pay more for 22-day transit time when 28-day is cheaper, available and sufficient. Likewise, having an understanding of the tipping point between LCL and full container can give you additional insight to effectively manage your costs.

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How TORCH Solves It

Our TORCH platform gives you instant, accurate transactional shipping costs on lanes that represent 97.3% of global trade, allowing shippers like you to take advantage of the most current market conditions and drive down transportation costs.

3 modes of transit, 97.3% of globally trading countries, 13 ocean carriers, 50 airlines, and hundreds of final mile truckers generate well over 9,000,000+ rate combinations. While this is a massive undertaking, we know that cost control is critical for shippers. With TORCH, you’re presented with an immediate view of the most impactful shipping options of transit time and price to make the best decision for your business.

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TORCH Interface

Simple. Intuitive. Effective

The TORCH interface was designed with the shippers’ experience in mind. The goal was to provide an effective, efficient, and accurate pricing tool that allows users to quickly access international rates with minimal information. 

Justifying Price Creep

Many freight forwarders get too “comfortable” with their clients and leverage their partnership to increase shipping rates slowly over time. TORCH allows you to get a glimpse of what you should actually be paying for shipping without intense RFQ research.

Benchmarking Rates

Everyone wishes they could get a quick, snapshot view of what freight should cost them. Unfortunately, the industry relies on archaic emails and phone calls to draw out the RFQ process. With TORCH, you can see rates instantly to benchmark what you should be paying for your freight.

Not The Issue You're Looking To Solve?

TORCH is only 1 of 4 solutions delivered in the Interlog SHIELD Protocol. If TEF doesn’t seem to solve your issue, check out the other SHIELD components below.

Data Security system Shield Protection Verification

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Transactional Expectations Form

TEF starts at the conception of a shipment and clearly defines expectations, responsibilities, and roles of all parties involved. This guarantees collaborative communication between buyer and seller and the transportation provider. 


Guarenteed Empowered Milestone Awareness

Did you receive bad news 2 days too late, leaving you with no good options to solve the problem? GEMCA allows you to select the 5 milestones that mean the most to you with guaranteed Proactive Communication on each of them via phone call, text, and email.

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Global Claims Assist

The international logistics industry lacks any form of a claims process. GCA solves it with a simple, automated web form that empowers you to demand payment from every underlying vendor who fingerprinted your damaged cargo.

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