Air Freight

Air Freight Options With Declared Expectations

Don't let your shipment go sideways before it even begins.

Ever paid $10,000 for 2-day air freight only to find out it took 3 days to pick up? Interlog has solved issues of undeclared expectations head-on through our Transactional Expectations Form. See how.

Passenger Aircraft

The TSA’s Known Shipper program allows U.S. based shippers to ship their air freight on passenger aircrafts as opposed to cargo-only flights. In some cases, this provides 10x options for pricing, transit time, and route availability and saves business’s money and time in the short and long-term.

Transaction Expectations

The Interlog SHIELD Protocol’s TEF (Transactional Expectations Form), starts at the conception of a shipment and clearly defines expectations, responsibilities, and roles of all parties involved. It also allows for changes to be made before it is set in motion. This makes actual vendor accountability possible.

Proactive Communication

Through GEMCA, you select the 5 milestones that mean the most to you. We won’t leave you in the dark or bombard you with meaningless notifications, but you will be proactively communicated to via 3 forms of communication – phone call, email, and text – on the 5 milestones that impact your involvement the most.

Air Freight Expertise

Options Don't Save You Money - Industry Knowledge Does

Because it’s a premium service, we understand that for most businesses, air freight is not their first choice. It’s usually a result of something else going wrong. Interlog assigns a human set of eyes on every air freight shipment to expertly manage all the potential pitfalls of a transaction, including weather, peak capacity, documentation, ground handlers, and connections.

Why People Switch to Interlog

The Interlog SHIELD Protocol Makes Us Different

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GEMCA Visibility

Did you receive bad news 2 days too late, leaving you with the no good options to solve the problem?

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Have you ever wanted to justify your current freight spend to confirm that you’re not a victim of price creep?

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TEF Expectations

Ever paid $10,000 for 2-day air freight only to find out it took 3 days to pick up, and there was no rate concession for a 5-day transit time?

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GCA Claims

Ever had a cargo claim and been frustrated with the lack of process for filing a claim?

Explore Other Services

Known Shipper

Get access to 5x the flight frequency and routing options and ship on both passenger and cargo aircraft.

Cargo Insurance

Don’t pay for your product twice. Purchasing insurance for your freight will protect your cash and cargo.

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