Ocean Freight

Ocean Shipping Without The Most Common Burns

Unique ocean freight solutions aimed at alleviating the most frequently experienced frustrations

We can service countries that represent 97.3% of global trade through our vast network of international partners. This provides you with multiple options for transit time and pricing on any lane.

Contracts with the Top 13 Ocean Carriers for Diverse Transit Time Demands

Our team maintains contracts with all major ocean lines, providing you and your company with options and foresight into how your ocean shipment can and will move.

Forced Acknowledgement of Your Top 5 Preferred Ocean Milestones

Through GEMCA, you will be proactively informed on the top 5 you choose which are most important to you and your ocean shipment. We won’t drown you in useless notifications or keep you in the dark on any critical aspects during the transit of your ocean freight.

5 Deep In Countries That Represent 97.3% of Global Trade

We are 5 vendors deep in each of these countries, because we understand that every customer has a different level of complexity. We need to make sure your customer is met with the necessary level of expertise by a member of our team.


Unique solutions created through strategy and careful planning, all aimed at simplifying your delivery.


Strategic solutions to give you greater control over your freight costs and inventory management.


Great customer service starts with a well-managed import process and a customer-first business model.


Make sure your customer’s product arrives when you promised it would with a reliable shipping partner.

Guaranteed Communication

5 Milestones of Your Choice, 3 Forms of Communication, and a $1,000 Guarantee

Every freight forwarder tracks upwards of 29 milestones for any shipment, but the majority of these details are unnecessary for shippers to be notified on. Through GEMCA, you select the 5 milestones that impact you the most and we will guarantee proactive communication via 3 methods – phone call, email, and text. If we fail to keep you updated on any of these 5 milestones, we will write you a check for $1,000.

Why People Switch to Interlog

The Interlog SHIELD Protocol Makes Us Different

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GEMCA Visibility

Did you receive bad news 2 days too late, leaving you with the no good options to solve the problem?

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Have you ever wanted to justify your current freight spend to confirm that you’re not a victim of price creep?

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TEF Expectations

Ever paid $10,000 for 2-day air freight only to find out it took 3 days to pick up, and there was no rate concession for a 5-day transit time?

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GCA Claims

Ever had a cargo claim and been frustrated with the lack of process for filing a claim?

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