Freight News: Week of May 29th, 2024

Class I Railroad, UP, Increasing Security To Prevent Cargo Thefts

Union Pacific has increased their cargo theft enforcement in an effort to combat cargo theft in the region. As the JOC reports, UP has added 60+ surveillance cameras and built 10 foot high concrete walls topped with razor wire on certain tracks.

Of course, cargo theft isn’t just prevalent in the Southern California region, but other hotspots as well, including Texas and Florida. These areas have a vast network of ports, interstate highways, and international trade connections that are alluring for cargo thieves.

Prioritizing preventative measures and swift response strategies allows companies to strengthen their defense during these evolving times of cargo theft.

What’s the latest out in Canada regarding Rail Labor Negotiations?

The latest update as of May 22nd, as we’ve seen nothing new be reported since then, is CPKC and TCRC last met on the 15th and the 21st to discuss negotiations but no progress has been made and no additional bargaining dates have been added since, according to CPKC latest bargaining update.

In addition to those bargaining talks, CN released a press release on May 16th stating they revised their original offer. One of those changes is eliminating their hourly rate proposal, which has been a key issue in discussions.

The parties entered into a mandatory “21 day cooling off period” back in early May. That period has technically expired, but the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) is still looking into whether a potential strike or lockout would impact Canadians. Thus, a strike or lockout cannot occur while this investigation is taking place.


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