Claims Assistance, Regardless of Who Damaged.

GCA was specifically created to solve the lack of standardized claims filing processes. GCA empowers shippers to demand payment from every underlying carrier who fingerprinted their damaged cargo. The end result is exponential opportunity for you to reclaim loss. Put Interlog’s GCA into action for you by click the button below.

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The Challenge

Most shippers do not know whether or not they are properly insured. With multiple carriers fingerprinting the cargo, the legal liability of each individual carrier is near impossible to decipher.

Imagine this: Your cargo is picked up on the back of a pickup truck in China. It gets loaded into a container just outside of Shanghai, loaded onto a vessel with a stop in Korea before making its way to Seattle. There, it is unloaded, goes to a Customs warehouse for an exam, the shipment is reloaded on an LTL carrier that goes to three hubs before delivering to your Chicago suburb. It backs up to your door and immediately upon inspection, you see that it’s damaged. You make a call to your forwarder who claims they don’t know where it happened or who is responsible (but of course it’s not them!) and your demand for satisfaction goes nowhere.

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The Solution

Demand payment from all involved parties. You need to demand payment from all involved parties in a simple and immediate process with minimal effort.

All the details needed to submit an international cargo claim are found on four documents – Bill Of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, and Damaged Survey Report. The process of filing international cargo claims can be made simple with a detailed roadmap, plan, checklist, and pre-drafted language. You need a tool that allows you to submit all relevant information at one time in a single format.

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How GCA Solves It

GCA empowers you to demand payment from all parties with every relevant detail they need to process the international cargo claim. This is done through our automated claims process where we allow you to submit demand directly to the carriers responsible for the loss.

GCA is a standardized form that compiles all relevant details listed in the 4 necessary shipping documents required to file an international shipping claim. These details are used to notify all involved parties of your intent to demand payment. While each underlying carrier has a different legal responsibility, this standardized form allows you to make your demand to recover the highest limits of each party’s respective liability. Even if you don’t have a claim today, reach out to see if you’re covered.

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    GCA is only 1 of 4 solutions delivered in the Interlog SHIELD Protocol. If TEF doesn’t seem to solve your issue, check out the other SHIELD components below.

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    Transactional Expectations Form

    TEF starts at the conception of a shipment and clearly defines expectations, responsibilities, and roles of all parties involved. This guarantees collaborative communication between buyer and seller and the transportation provider. 


    Guarenteed Empowered Milestone Awareness

    Did you receive bad news 2 days too late, leaving you with no good options to solve the problem? GEMCA allows you to select 5 milestones that mean the most to you with guaranteed Proactive Communication on each of them via phone call, text, and email.

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    Instant International Shipping Rates

    TORCH provides you with on-demand, transactional efficiency by presenting you with pricing, shipping mode, and transit time options in a quantifiable and simple presentation. TORCH empowers you with better cost assessment visibility. 

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