Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance For Cash Protection

Since 1932, your freight has only been insured for $500 per "shipping unit". Not enough?

All major international ocean carriers define a shipping unit as a “standard container”, putting customers under the false assumption that their cargo is insured for replacement costs. If $500 isn’t enough compensation for a damaged or lost shipment, cargo insurance is affordable and easy.

Global Claims Assist

GCA, or Global Claims Assist, is Interlog’s solution to the lack of an international shipping claim filing process. Fill out a simple form and upon submission, all vendors who fingerprinted your damaged or lost cargo will be notified of your demand for payment.

All-Encompassing Coverage

All-Risk Marine Insurance covers you against instances of cargo theft, loss, or damage. You’ll be insured for the commercial value of your cargo as well as all respective duties and customs fees you paid.

Don't Pay For Your Product Twice

Don’t pay for your cargo twice in the event of a disaster. The likelihood of cargo getting damaged in air or ocean shipments is all-too high to leave your cash in the hands of carriers who don’t value your cargo for what it’s worth to your business.

Make Sure You're Protected

Don't Be the One Drawing the Short Straw

Cargo insurance plays a role in cash management, risk mitigation, and corporate accountability. Don’t be the one coughing up non-existent cash to repurchase a product that could have been covered by all-risk marine insurance in the first place. Insure your cargo, get covered, and stay protected.

Get the Protection Your Product Deserves

Get protected and save yourself from the claims process

Fill out this simple form to insure your product and protect your time and money. Cargo insurance is simple; dealing with an international shipping claim is not.

Get Cargo Insurance

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    Why People Switch to Interlog

    The Interlog SHIELD Protocol Makes Us Different

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    GEMCA Visibility

    Did you receive bad news 2 days too late, leaving you with the no good options to solve the problem?

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    TORCH Rates

    Have you ever wanted to justify your current freight spend to confirm that you’re not a victim of price creep?

    Data Security system Shield Protection Verification

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    TEF Expectations

    Ever paid $10,000 for 2-day air freight only to find out it took 3 days to pick up, and there was no rate concession for a 5-day transit time?

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    GCA Claims

    Ever had a cargo claim and been frustrated with the lack of process for filing a claim?

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