Repeat Orders Usually Come From Happy Customers

Regardless of incoterms, we don't consider the shipment over until it's delivered.

You need to work with a forwarder that recognizes the importance of the entire process rather than just the role they’re involved in. Sometimes deals get made outside of the responsibilities of an incoterm. Whatever deal you cut, we will support you in your execution of it.

Listen First Mentality

Genuine solutions don’t begin with answers – they begin with listening. Most of the disconnect between vendors and their clients comes from a lack of true understanding regarding the underlying issues that mean the most for their business. Interlog takes an inverted approach. Our process doesn’t begin with misinformed action, but a conversation and listen-first mentality.

Customer Service First Model

It’s not about shipping – it’s about your customers. The end result of poor business partnerships between shippers and freight forwarders is unhappy customers. That’s why Interlog’s business model revolves around giving you the tools to succeed, starting with the most basic of all – proper communication practices.

Unique Routing Options

There’s no differentiation in available options between the smallest and largest freight forwarders. There’s differentiation in the unique arrangement of those options. Our logistics decisions begin with the customer’s underlying need. A different balance of budget, transit time, and priorities will call for an entirely different set of solutions.

Don't Add To Your Customer Acquisition Costs

Don't add to your customer acquisition costs by being penny foolish on export logistics

You’ve worked so hard doing everything to gain customers. Now that the goods are made and ready to go, make sure you work with a partner that values your hard work more than you do and helps ensure it delivers on time, unharmed, with an experience that pushes your customer to reorder.

Why People Switch to Interlog

The Interlog SHIELD Protocol Makes Us Different

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GEMCA Visibility

Did you receive bad news 2 days too late, leaving you with the no good options to solve the problem?

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Have you ever wanted to justify your current freight spend to confirm that you’re not a victim of price creep?

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TEF Expectations

Ever paid $10,000 for 2-day air freight only to find out it took 3 days to pick up, and there was no rate concession for a 5-day transit time?

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GCA Claims

Ever had a cargo claim and been frustrated with the lack of process for filing a claim?

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Air Freight

Ever paid $10,000 for 2-day air freight only to find out it actually took 3 days to pick up?

Ocean Shipping

Ocean shipping solutions that alleviate the most commonly experienced frustrations of FCL and LCL cargo. 

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