Transactional Expectations Form

TEF was specifically created to solve the issue of nondeclared expectations. TEF sets the expectations and clarity around the dark spaces when a shipment passes through various stages. This is important because most of the failures and delays that happen in the industry are not a result of unmet expectations, but rather unstated expectations. What makes TEF so powerful is that once expectations are unified, actual accountability with freight forwarders is possible. Contact us now so we can get TEF working for you.TEF working for you.

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The Challenge

There’s a point where your shipment goes dark and decisions get made that may or may not reflect what the customer thought the expectations were.

When we did our research, we discovered that this was a key issue. We went to survey shippers and found out they were having the same issue. Frustrations around ready dates not being communicated correctly. The shipment doesn’t pick up when it was supposed to but you’re not told that. You’re not told anything until it’s in transit, at which point in time key information for devising alternative solutions is far gone.

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The Solution

Having a pre-established communication protocol that reflects the most important things to you as the customer. You need to be made aware when actuality doesn’t match expectations.

Collaborative communication between buyer and seller and the transportation provider. Everybody agreeing to ready and pick up dates and sailing or flight options, which are not normally covered in industry communication protocols. Sharing documentation with Letters Of Instructions, ISF, Commercial Invoice and Packing List so everyone has it prior to departure. Not getting burned by AMS.

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How TEF Solves It

Some of our clients see a reduction in freight costs because cargo was ready early and able to utilize slower, more cost-effective carriers. Delayed cargo was able to be split between air and ocean due to timely awareness.

TEF starts at the conception of a shipment and clearly defines expectations, responsibilities, and roles of all parties involved. It also highlights expectations and allows for changes to be made before it is set in motion. This removes failures at the latter stages of a shipment due to addressing vendor accountability before the shipment even begins.

Not The Issue You're Looking To Solve?

TEF is only 1 of 4 solutions delivered in the Interlog SHIELD Protocol. If TEF doesn’t seem
to solve your issue, check out the other SHIELD components below.

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Guaranteed Empowered Milestone Awareness

Did you receive bad news 2 days too late, leaving you with no good options to solve the problem?GEMCA allows you to select the 5 milestones that mean the most to you with guaranteed Proactive Communication on each of them via phone call, text, and email. 


Global Claims Assist

The international logistics industry lacks any form of a claims process. GCA solves it with a simple, automated web form that empowers you to demand payment from every underlying vendor who fingerprinted your damaged cargo.

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Instant International Shipping Rates

TORCH provides you with on-demand, transactional efficiency by presenting you with pricing, shipping mode, and transit time options in a quantifiable and simple presentation. TORCH empowers you with better cost assessment visibility. 

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