Freight News: Week of June 12th, 2024

Transpacific Rates/Capacity Outlook:

Here’s what Interlog is seeing regarding the outlook of the Transpacific lane: 

Key things –

  • Rates are increasing; we expect a GRI on June 15th and possibly July 1st as well.
  • Capacity is tight due to demand.
  • Carriers have issued blank sailings to keep demand and space high.

Check out our blog, The Outlook on Transpacific Ocean Freight for more details.

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ILA Union Halting Talks with USMX Over Automation Issues

Recent reports have come out stating the International Longshoremen’s Union are halting talks stemming over automation issues. 

The ILA released a statement on June 10th saying, “there’s no point trying to negotiate a new agreement with USMX when one of its major companies continues to violate our current agreement with the sole aim of eliminating ILA jobs through automation.”

They say they will not continue to meet with USMX unless the Auto Gate issue is resolved.

What do you think? Is this a concern of yours? 



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