Freight News: Week of June 19th, 2024

Vessel Space Squeezed by Surging Demand:

Space on vessels is tightening, driving up costs as demand surges.

Our message is clear: Space is limited, don’t delay.

It’s imperative to act promptly to secure transportation for your goods, as delays could lead to higher expenses. Anticipating and adapting to these market conditions is crucial to maintaining competitiveness.

Carriers are currently allocating less than half of the request space from contract importers, emphasizing the urgency to secure bookings promptly.

Don’t hesitate; act now to mitigate potential disruptions and control costs.

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Transport Strikes in France? What’s the Latest

Last week, the French President made a rather unexpected announcement to call for a snap election – an election that is called earlier than previously scheduled.

This has promoted dock and port worker unions to delay a series of strikes scheduled for later this month. The reason for the delay in strikes is due to the union having no government-level counterpart to negotiate its demands until a new administration takes office.

Those planned strikes had the potential to create some challenges to ports such as Le Havre and Marseille. If any further industrial action occurs, reports say it won’t be before late September.

This past and potentially future industrial action is in response to pension reform that has increased the mandatory retirement age in France.


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