Reasons to Major in Logistics in College

Reasons to Major in Logistics in College

Schools these days offer so many degrees, minors, emphases that it’s hard to decide which major is right for you. Much of the trouble comes over your purpose for pursuing a particular degree. Is it money? Do you want to travel? Is it a need to feel you are part of a growing industry? Below are some of the top reasons students should major in logistics in college.

Amongst all the options available, logistics and supply chain may seem like an unattractive degree if you don’t know much about the industry. So what does it mean to be in logistics? Those in logistics positions play a key role in defining how the supply chain of an entire company works. The issue with most college students’ perception of this profession is the idea that there is only 1 or 2 directions you can take with a logistics or supply chain degree – a grand misconception.

Reasons to Major in Logistics in College

Majoring in logistics and supply chain can land you a variety of interesting jobs. Supply chain related degrees open the door to many positions. This could include project management, disaster relief, international business and travel, transportation, six sigma lean management, sales, and entrepreneurship. Think about the changes in the transportation industry over the last couple years: the need for online purchases to arrive instantly, the ability to return online orders instantly, the growth of Amazon, hurricane relief products, medical devices, and so many other revolutionary changes to the industry. Here are some reasons that we believe students should major in logistics or supply chain:

Open Doors to Any Industry

Logistics and supply chain is not THE industry you will work in if you major in these fields. In fact, very few logistics and supply chain workers are employed at a shipping company. The truth is, every business in the world that has a product also has a need for supply chain solutions. A major in logistics or supply chain could land you a job in a non-profit organization, the health industry (hospitals or medical devices,) a transportation company, a toy manufacturer, a retail store, and just about any other business you can think of that moves tangible products domestically or internationally.

Tons Of Jobs Available

They say the average college student gets their first job 8 months after graduation. If that waiting period doesn’t sound fun (especially with that fancy loan interest stacking up,) logistics may be an appealing industry. The logistics and supply chain industry are constantly hiring new graduates. The industry is expanding rapidly as consumer demand goes up, creating tons of job openings.

The Scope of Responsibilities

Another huge advantage to majoring in logistics or supply chain is the opportunity to work a variety of different roles in your career path. Working in supply chain fields open the door to working in: international business, project management, sales, marketing, operations, pricing, business analytics, business architecture, and many other fields. The degree can serve as a means to a multitude of different ends – the scope of responsibilities in the job you take can be as narrow or wide as you would like it to be.

It’s an International Industry

Although you wouldn’t be required to if you chose otherwise, a great deal of opportunities to work in international business are open to supply chain and logistics majors. If you like the idea of traveling the world for work and developing genuine global business relationships, a major in logistics may be right for you.

It Sets You Up for Success in Any Industry

Above all else, a supply chain related degree sets you up with skills that can be transferred to any field. The ability to multitask, manage teams, develop vendor relationships, and solve complex projects through critical thinking are all useful skills for any industry.

You’ll Never Do Just “1 Thing”

If sitting at a desk and only doing one thing repeatedly for the rest of your life sounds like fun, then a logistics or supply chain degree probably isn’t right for you! Supply chain is an ever-evolving industry with an incredibly large scope of responsibilities at each stage of evolution. Every year you will be tackling new issues and projects related to the field in whatever you company you chose to work at. This variety is what makes it such an attractive degree and career pursuit.

Compensation is Great

With the rising demand for better logistics solutions at every company, positions related to supply chain are beginning to pay more than most other industries. Even with how big the industry has gotten, is has a lot of future potential for development and we can expect those numbers to go nowhere but up!

To Conclude

There is no doubt that colleges are offering tons of attractive degrees these days, but it’s always important to research these fields. Your perceived idea of what an industry is may grandly differ from reality, and with logistics and supply chain, this is almost always the case. Majoring in a supply-chain related degree opens the door to so many exciting careers in international business, product procurement, management, sales, operations, pricing, and so many other positions. In addition, the degree can land you a job in just about any industry or company you could imagine working at. Carefully consider whether or not the major may be right for you, but if you are looking for a degree that gives you a large variety of options for industries and companies to work at, supply chain or logistics could be the answer!

If you are curious as to what a major in logistics, supply chain, transportation, international business, or a related field might look like, reach out to speak with our staff! We would be happy to share our experience and thoughts with you as you continue your education.


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