The Need for Young Grads in Logistics

The Need for Young Grads in Logistics

At this point in time, the logistics industry is larger than it has ever been in history. The public demands more products at faster speeds than ever, and the logistics industry is scrambling to acquire as many people as possible for these new roles. What does this all mean? The need for young grads in logistics is higher than ever. New demands for solutions means new demands for young, innovative, critical thinkers to step in and take advantage of these roles. Here are some reasons surrounding the need for young grads in logistics:

The Need for Young Grads in Logistics – Recruiting Issues

Over the past 10 years, logistics has ranked amongst the top industries for numbers of open positions. New job postings are available every day in a multitude of different companies due to the need for a larger work force in logistics and supply chain. As the industry has grown faster than younger generations have caught on to, recruiters are uploading job postings at faster rates than they are receiving applications. The fast demand for more workers in the industry has caught younger generations by surprise and many college students are missing out on huge work opportunities. What does this mean for the younger workforce and students? Those who major in logistics or supply chain related degrees are nearly guaranteed a position after graduation.

Tackling Product Demand Issues

If you have ever ordered anything on Amazon, you know what we are talking about here. What used to be considered reasonable transit times for product shipments has changed drastically. Most consumers are expecting to receive products within 1-3 business days after ordering them, and the large increase in demand has created a need for innovative and critical thinking young graduates to enter the field with solutions.

Developing Entirely New Processes

Logistics process are archaic at best and always appear to be a solid 5-10 years behind the majority of other industries in relation to tech development and marketing. The logistics industry is parched for creative solutions, processes, and ideas on how to better serve the community. One of the most recent advances in the industry has been the development of tracking and tracing technology which, by this point, is nearly 10 years old. Perhaps driverless trucks, automation, and artificial intelligence are on the rise, but there is a lack of growing work forces to deploy these ideas to their fullest potential in the logistics industry.

Where to Go from Here?

If anything should seem apparent, it’s that the demand for young grads in logistics is high. There is a great need for fresh minds to enter the logistics industry with new ideas to improve current industry practices. Recruiters are looking to hire young graduates in a heartbeat should they demonstrate competency for these positions, and as a college student looking to get a job immediately after college, the logistics industry is showing promising opportunities.


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