WEEK 26 OF 2021
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Yantian Port: Back to Full Operations but Backlog Could Take Over a Month

As of last week, the port at Yantian is back to 100% capacity after the temporary closure due to COVID-19. 

This closure has backed up containers and could take about a month to get them cleared out of factories and warehouses. The containers coming out of Yantian will add more port congestion around the world. According to American Shipper, “Ships coming to pick up export loads are likely to get first priority over vessels with empty containers to discharge so the terminals can reduce container density in their yards”.

New Screening Mandate as of July 1,2021

Starting July 1st, 2021, the International Civil Aviation Organization is requiring 100% of all international airfreight to be screened. 

This means that cargo on all-cargo freighters will also be screened whether its a known or unknown shipper. There will most likely be added delays when this comes into play as many airlines will have to add another component to their process. 


If you have questions on how this could impact your shipments, please reach out to us! 

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