WEEK 24 OF 2021

Ocean Freight: Market Update

The transportation industry has recently seen rates reach all time highs along with space and capacity issues. However, our team at InterlogUSA has switched up our process to ensure our customers keep their shipments moving. We are constantly staying up to date on market trends, providing customers different options and last minute openings if they are able to take advantage. With the stress this market has brought many companies, our team has been able to relieve a lot of that with our service and dedication to keep shipments moving.

Asia --> North America

7-14 Asia to North American Ocean

OVERVIEW: Rates are at an all time high since the June GRI went into play. Expected to get another GRI come July. Capacity is extremely tight. 

Europe --> North America

6-16 Europe to North America Ocean

OVERVIEW: Rates are high and will be continuing to increase. Equipment has become a major issue all across Europe. 

North America --> South America

OVERVIEW: Capacity is stable, price is moderate with slight increases. US port congestion and trucker availability is an issue while South America is experiencing port terminal and customs delays. 

Freight News

Train Derailment Near Marmon, NM

On Monday June 14th, 2021, a train derailment by Marmon, NM happened that impacted both main tracks. The tracks were opened back up but caused some delays for shipments from Long Beach port going into the Mid-west. 


Air Canada Announced it's First Freighter

Air Canada announced their plans to convert old passenger aircrafts into cargo-only freighters. They expect to operate the first freighter come this fall and have a second one ready before the end of the year. 

These freighters will be flying mostly out of Toronto to Miami, Quito, Ecuador, Lima, Peru, and Mexico City. More destinations to come in 2022. 

Los Angeles Port had 1 Million Containers in One Month

According to Freight Waves, the Port of Los Angeles is the first port in the Western Hemisphere to handle over one million containers in a single month. The Port of Los Angeles just announce that May was by far one of the busiest months and moved a total of 1,012,248 TEUs which is up 74% from May 2020. 

With this amount of volume, this port has also been one of worst as far as port congestions. On average, there is 25-30 ships waiting to dock. 

Blog Of The Week

Port Update: June 16th 2021

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