Air Transport- Commonly Overlooked Factors

Air Transport: Commonly Overlooked Factors

Air transport and speed go hand in hand with one another. You probably already know the advantages of using air transport. Aircrafts can ship goods to almost any destination around the world in a matter of days. Even better, you can become a TSA Known Shipper and ship cargo on passenger airplanes – giving more flexibility for international shipments.

But are you aware of some overlooked factors with air transport? its always good to consider all factors, so you are not all of a sudden blindsided about a situation.

Air Transport: Overlooked Factors

Many businesses choose to fly their cargo because of it’s speed and reliability. With our advanced technology, shipments are now expected to become more efficient. Air transport is the best shipping mode that can compete with those expectations. While there are many benefits that do outweigh the downsides, there are some factors that tend to get overlooked.

Limitations: Size and Weight

In comparison to huge cargo ships, aircrafts are relatively small. This reduces the amount of freight that gets shipped on each aircraft. Depending on the size and/or weight of your shipment, you might be stuck with some limitations for air transportation. Especially if you are a TSA Known Shipper and ship cargo on passenger airplanes. The planes were built primarily for passengers and luggage; not to house massive cargo shipments.

If your shipment is at the tipping point of being over the required size or weight, you should talk to your freight forwarder to make sure it will fit the guidelines. Depending on the needs of your shipment, they will work closely with you to find the best solution.

Weather Dependent

Weather can be unpredictable. I think we can all agree on that.

Weather conditions affect all modes of transportation, so it’s good to take precautions for any possible weather related issues. With air transport, flying close to the coast or in land can vary the type of weather airplanes may deal with. When weather conditions are too risky, flights can get delayed or cancelled. This can become detrimental to companies who are using air transport to meet tight deadlines.

Weather is not something that can be controlled well, but it’s good to be attentive. When you can foresee a storm coming, there might be alternative solutions to avoid delays.


Cost is the biggest downside with air shipments. Air transport does cost a little more than land or sea, but many businesses still chose this mode of transportation over the others. Why?

Air shipping and ocean shipping don’t necessarily deal with the same problem. Ocean shipping is meant to be a simple solution for when money is the first and foremost concern, and scheduling/security is not. Air freight deals with issues and concerns over timing and security. Often, these advantages take precedence over the added cost.


Air transport has become very valuable in recent years because of it’s reliability and speed. With the massive increase in demand for faster shipments, the use of air transportation has skyrocketed. While there are many advantages that often times outweigh the extra expenses, it’s wise to stay alert of all potentially overlooked factors.

Our team at InterlogUSA has many years of experience with air transport and would be happy to have a conversation with you! Whether it is about becoming a TSA known shipper or questions whether air transport is right for your shipments, we would love to help!


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