Well, it looks like the Howard Terminal Option for the Oakland A’s Ballpark is no more, as the Oakland A’s recently announced they have a binding agreement to buy land in Las Vegas for a new stadium.

A few weeks ago, we provided the latest update on where things were at with the potential new ballpark… how a California Court of Appeals panel upheld a lower court ruling regarding the environmental impact report on the conversion of the Howard Terminal, and that it had met the requirements of state law.

“Howard Terminal Was Never the Right Place for This Development…”

Is what Mike Jacob, Vice President and General Counsel of the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA), which is a part of a group called East Oakland Stadium Alliance, had this to say about the latest announcement.

He continued, in his statement last Friday to the JOC saying, “the seaport community will continue to work with the city, the port, and stakeholders to ensure that Howard Terminal and the working waterfront continue to be the vibrant hub of the region’s economy.”

However, Jacob said the alliance would support the A’s building a new ballpark at the current site of the Oakland Coliseum, saying it’s “their rightful home.”

Though a new ballpark at the current site does not seem very likely now that a binding agreement is in place to buy land in Las Vegas.

The Future of Howard Terminal

This recent news from the Oakland A’s now opens the door for new maritime and economic developments at the Port.

As port officials and exporters can invest more time, money and resources into building stronger connections to ports in Asia and customers, now that they know marine operations will not be disrupted by the once-was potential Howard Terminal Ballpark Complex.

Some other grants and projects the port may focus on could be the electrification of operations at the port, upgrade their marine terminals, improve electric truck charging at the port, support more truck charging stations that are linked to the Port via the 580 freeway – which is an area where there’s a lot of agricultural exporters and import warehouses that transport containerized truck loads to and from the port.

Looking Ahead

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