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The Internet of Things (IoT)

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been gaining importance in recent years. This concept refers to the digital interrelationship between the Internet and everyday objects: The application of the triggering factor of the latest technological revolution in articles that a priority is not related to the network or digital culture.

Interrelationships can occur between people and objects via the Internet, or even between objects exclusively. This is possible thanks to the RFID system (radio frequency identification). This allows objects to be continuously processing and reporting information, through the use of microchips.

It is expected that in the near future much of the everyday items we use daily will utilize such technology. This will fundamentally change the way we use common household devices.

IoT – The Beginning of a New Technological Era

The Internet of Things together with artificial intelligence is expected to set the ground for the beginning of a new technological era. Although for the time being there have been no revolutionary milestones in these fields, much progress is being made in the field.

We can observe the Internet of things on smart TV, bracelets, or even running shoes, which collect data on various metrics and report the information to the end user. The intelligent buttons that Amazon has promoted are a common example which are beginning to gain popularity.

This is only the beginning since many brands will be adding to this trend. This is due to the commodity and practicality they offer to the consumer, and the strategic information it gathers for companies. Intelligent buttons allow companies to have information on the periodicity of orders. This is tremendously useful for logistics and inventory management.

Application in Logistics & Inventory Management

IOT can benefit the logistics industry in a variety of ways. The relationships formed between scales, warehouses, drivers, trucks, ELD’s, and various other devices can help to streamline logistics and inventory management. IOT slowly replaces manual labor by creating automated connections between necessary functionalities in the supply chain.

IOT alongside artificial intelligence is changing modern usage of technology today. Devices are changing and expanding their capabilities, thus increasing the functionality of common household and work devices..

IoT in Connections

IOT technology is already being applied with WebRTC telephony, through which computers and tablets become telephones, making communication easier than ever. WebRTC is an open code software developed by Google considered as an improvement or advancement of VoIP telephony.


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