Going Global with an International Virtual Phone Number

Going Global With an International Virtual Phone Number

Business as we know it has largely gone global – companies in the modern age now compete against both local and worldwide businesses. The competition is fierce, and companies must use all resources available to survive.

A Growing Global Landscape

As the number of competitors grows, so do potential business opportunities. New markets and customer segments are more reachable than ever before, so modern companies must be prepared and equipped to take on these new business opportunities as quickly as possible.

The difficulty of conducting international business has been greatly diminished as technology has continually improved. The internet itself has been one of the biggest revolutions in the international business landscape and everything related to it. Businesses are now capable of expanding seamlessly to previously untouched international markets, and this is all possible due to recent developments in the telecom industry.

What is an International Virtual Phone Number?

International virtual phone numbers are a technology that has been on the rise as of recent, but many have misunderstood what they are. An international virtual phone number is a phone number that looks exactly the same as any other phone number from the country, but it is not hosted in a physical device. It is formed by an area code and has the same number of digits, but it is hosted in the cloud.

Since the international virtual phone number is hosted in the cloud, incoming calls will be forwarded to local phone lines. So, if a company wants a phone number from Germany, the inbound German calls will be forwarded to American phone lines. This is particularly useful for companies that want to be present in several countries without incurring the costs of placing employees in international offices.

The Advantages of an International Virtual Phone Number

This technology enhances the way companies enter into new foreign markets. Customers will not notice the call is being answered in another country. The virtual phone number looks exactly like an ordinary local landline phone number.

The primary benefit behind an international virtual phone number is that customers are more willing to contact a company to buy its products since they have the perception the company has an office in their own country.

Here are a few primary benefits of having an international virtual phone number:


The international virtual phone numbers are a great tool for branding. They improve a company’s public image. They give small to medium sized businesses the ability to project the illusion of a large, global company.

Relationship Development

Furthermore, it is a very practical resource for any kind of company. It is particularly useful to establish and maintain strong business relationships with business partners in other countries, since communication is key to doing business internationally.

In the case that employees or executives are not settled at the company headquarters but often travelling around, the WebRTC will be the most suitable choice for them. Let’s expand on this option.

Lower Costs

As previously stated, virtual phone numbers allow company’s to be present in various countries without paying for the international office staffing. Globalizing your company can be as simple as purchasing and activating a virtual phone number.

What is WebRTC Technology?

The WebRTC is a technology developed by Google that enables users to make calls and receive them on the computer or any other device with an internet connection. It essentially gives a “virtual outlet” for any device to make calls from.

This is often the most suitable option traveling employees and managers since it does not accrue roaming costs. The WebRTC phone lines work with IP lines. In other words, they use internet rather than the traditional phone network.

WebRTC technology does not need any kind of installation or special equipment. This is a huge benefit for those who continuously travel, since there is no need to carry personal devices to access the technology. The WebRTC tech allow users to share files, make calls and receive them through the browser.

Deciding on an International Virtual Phone Number and Utilizing WebRTC Technology

These options are incredibly convenient for traveling executives but keep in mind that it requires a good internet connection. Therefore, when deciding between a traditional international virtual phone number or WebRTC option, the amount of travel you are involved in on a regular basis matters greatly.

Nowadays, the increased technological capabilities of telecom services enable companies to do business globally despite their industry or size. And as previously stated, companies must use them in order to succeed in any international market.

If you are interested in learning more about going global with your business, or want to have a conversation about setting up an international virtual phone number, call us at Fonvirtual and we’d be happy to help you out!


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