Crane Collapses at Taiwan Port

Earlier this week, a Taiwan port broke global news that a vessel caused the collapse of a gantry crane when attempting to dock. The incident was responsible for the full collapse of one crane, the damage of another gantry crane, the injury of a port worker, and the damage of several containers aboard another vessel.

Currently, OOCL is being held blamed for the incident, as the vessel in question was the OOCL Durban steamship. According to the Taiwan International Ports Corp., while the OOCL Durban was making it’s way towards its assigned berth, it collided with the end of a gantry crane. The collision wasn’t enough to pull the ship to a halt before it pulled the gantry crane down to a full collapse, causing damage not only to the ship and crane, but to other equipment on the ground of the port as well.

Reports have indicated that the port worker was working in the gantry crane at the time of the incident and was rushed to a hospital immediately after. They did not suffer life-threatening injuries. It is reported their arm was cut in the incident – further details are yet to be revealed. However, in addition to the harm of one port worker, a few others were trapped after the crane collapsed. They were safely discovered and rescued shortly after.

Before the OOCL Durban made contact with the crane, it actually collided and scraped alongside a berthed Yang Ming ship at the port. In this collision moments before the OOCL made contact with the gantry crane, an estimated 30 to 50 containers aboard the berthed Yang Ming ship were damaged.

The estimated cost of construction for both the gantry crane that collapsed as well as the one that was damaged in the incident was roughly $21.6 million.

According to the Taiwan port, workers advised a warning to the OOCL Durban before it approached the port for berthing to slow down and change it’s direction. Investigation is being done to figure out the cause of the incident and why necessary correction to avoid the collision wasn’t executed.

The OOCL Durban wasn’t carrying any cargo at the time of the incident and the hull was not damaged in the collision.


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