In the fast-paced world of international and domestic shipping, shippers face numerous challenges that often lead to loads of unnecessary frustration. However, despite these major paint points, shippers often feel reluctant to switch freight forwarders.

There are many pain points that shippers experience, but after years of deep industry research, we’ve found that most shippers frustrations revolve around the same four frustrations:

  • Unmet Expectations
  • Communication Dynamics
  • Difficulties in Claims Processes
  • A Lack of Pricing Transparency

Shippers often find themselves stuck in partnerships with forwarders who fall short in these areas, but a reluctance to switch is often caused by a feeling that “the devil you know is better than the one you don’t know.” What shippers actually need is a proven and guaranteed process that addresses and solves each of these pain points with specific actions and deliverables.

Enter InterlogUSA and our proven, revolutionary, solution – the Interlog SHIELD Protocol.

Addressing Hurdles in Shipping

Shippers across the globe grapple with the inherent challenges of the freight forwarding industry.

The lack of clearly communicated expectations often leads to misunderstandings and hampers the smooth flow of shipments.

Disconnected communication further compounds the problem – whether that’s undercommunication or even overcommunication. The latter drowns shippers in a sea of unnecessary notifications, causing them to miss the most critical updates that impact their decision-making capabilities.

Cargo damage or loss becomes an additional headache, as the claims process is convoluted, time-consuming, and often leaves shippers with inadequate compensation. The list goes on.

The Interlog SHIELD Protocol

These key pain points sent us on a journey to create a tried-and-true, guaranteed, process that directly addresses each of these major frustrations with a clear action path and guaranteed accountability on our part. The result of years of research and development lead us to create the Interlog SHIELD Protocol, which is a 4-module protocol built to surgically address and solve each of these major industry burns.

TEF (Transactional Expectations Form)

Transforming Expectations into Certainties

Unmet expectations in shipping transactions can lead to a cascade of issues, ranging from delays to financial losses. To be clear – it’s not just unmet expectations, but is often the lack of a standardized and structured approach to defining expectations in the first place which often results in misunderstandings between shippers and freight forwarders. This is where the TEF component of the SHIELD Protocol steps in.

TEF is not just a form. It is a transformative tool designed to bring clarity and precision to the often vague landscape of transactional expectations. Shippers can use this structured form to explicitly outline their expectations for each shipment, covering critical details such as delivery timelines, handling requirements, and any special considerations.

By formalizing these expectations, the TEF ensures that all parties involved have a clear understanding of the requirements from the outset. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of misunderstandings, fosters transparent communication, and lays the foundation for successful and smooth shipping experiences which guarantees awareness and accountability on our part.

GEMCA (Guaranteed Empowered Milestone & Cost Awareness)

Redefining Communication Dynamics

Communication challenges between shippers and freight forwarders are a longstanding pain point in the industry. Shippers often grapple with either being underinformed from a lack of communication, or an equally frustrating reality – drowning in a sea of irrelevant notifications, causing them to miss the most important and actionable ones in the midst of the chaos. GEMCA, the Guaranteed Empowered Milestone & Cost Awareness tool, aims to revolutionize this communication dynamic.

GEMCA allows shippers to take control of the communication flow by selecting the five most crucial milestones in the shipping timeline that matter the most to them. This guarantees that decision-makers receive timely and relevant information without being overwhelmed by unnecessary updates.

By empowering shippers to tailor communication to their specific needs, GEMCA bridges the communication gap, ensures key stakeholders are informed when it matters most, and ultimately enhances the decision-making process throughout the shipping journey.

GCA (Global Claims Assist)

Empowering Shippers in Times of Crisis

Cargo damage, loss, or mishandling is a nightmare scenario for shippers, exacerbated by the complex and often frustrating claims process. Shippers find themselves navigating a maze of accountability hot potato, with each party deflecting blame and the claims reimbursement limited by maritime law. GCA, the Global Claims Assist module, is designed to empower shippers to demand payment from those responsible for the damage or loss.

GCA streamlines and automates the claims process, enabling shippers to demand payment from every underlying carrier responsible for their damaged or lost cargo.

By consolidating and simplifying the claims process, GCA ensures that shippers are not left shouldering the financial burden alone. This proactive and comprehensive approach to claims management sets GCA apart, providing shippers with the tools they need to protect their investments and hold all accountable parties responsible.


Illuminating the Path to Efficiency

Lack of price transparency and the insidious practice of “price creep” can significantly impact a shipper’s bottom line. Obtaining accurate rates swiftly for international shipments is a challenge, and traditional forwarders often provide inaccurate rates due to incomplete information from shippers. TORCH, the online rate tool within the SHIELD Protocol, seeks to illuminate the path to price transparency.

TORCH not only provides real-time, accurate rates backed by contracts with national and international partners but also allows shippers to benchmark existing rates. This transparency empowers shippers to make informed decisions and ensures they are not victims of “price creep.”

By shedding light on the complexities of international shipping rates, TORCH revolutionizes the rate discovery process, enabling shippers to navigate the financial aspect of their logistics with confidence and clarity.

Why the SHIELD Protocol Differentiates Interlog USA

Interlog USA’s SHIELD Protocol stands out as a unique and trustworthy solution in the competitive freight forwarding landscape. Unlike traditional forwarders, InterlogUSA offers more than promises; it provides a tangible and guaranteed protocol with real deliverable results. By systematically addressing each pain point shippers commonly face, the SHIELD Protocol instills confidence in customers, proving that there is a freight forwarder dedicated to not only understanding their challenges but actively solving them.

In an industry where trust is paramount, InterlogUSA’s commitment to transparency, communication, and accountability through the SHIELD Protocol positions us as the partner of choice for shippers seeking a seamless and reliable freight forwarding experience.

It’s not just a protocol. It’s a promise of a better, more efficient, and trustworthy shipping journey.

Should you have any questions regarding SHEILD Protocol, please reach out to our team today.


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