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June, 7th 2023

We are excited to announce our guest speaker for our June webinar, Cowan Logistics.

Cowan Logistics will be coming on to discuss drayage service and how we work together.

We will have discussions on how forwarders and drayman work together to fulfill a perfect alignment, how familiarity and consistency in the final mile is crucial, how to receive on-time delivery with no demurrage or pier diem, and more. 

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Direct updates can be hard to come by, however InterlogUSA continues to monitor the situation closely and will inform our clients of any developments or potential disruptions with their cargo.

Please contact us for further information on how these negotiations may impact your shipments.

IMPORT: Asia to North America (TPEB)

Recent Developments:

Rates: Rates remain low, but some carriers are issuing general rate increases (GRIs) for June.
Space: Space is open.
Capacity: Open but carriers are aggressive with managing their excess capacities.
Equipment: Available at virtually all inland and coastal points, however, remain diligent with planning as shippers are still reporting demurrage blunders mainly on weekends from a lack of equipment access. Many equipment lessors are only open Monday through Friday.

  • Keep a pulse on inventory and be sure to have a logistics game plan in place for when your ready to take on orders.
  • Pay special attention to how carriers are reacting to this lull in the market.
  • Hold your logistics partners accountable for frequent updates regarding blank sailings, rate increases, or any other forms of market maintenance.

IMPORT: Europe to North America (TAWB)

Rates: Rates are continuing to fall heading into June.
Space: Space is open.
Capacity: Capacity is open.
Equipment: Availability on both origin and destination sides, unless advised otherwise.

  • Book at least three weeks prior to ready date.
  • Rates, while falling, are still high compared to other trades. Carriers still possess a degree of power in the transatlantic over the shipper (as opposed to the transpacific). Keep these dynamics in mind.
  • Premium add-ons (i.e., no-roll options and improved cargo reliability) remain assurances shippers should consider with transatlantic service.

EXPORT: North America to Asia

Rates: Rates are low and level. 
Space: Space is open but tighter on U.S. Gulf Coast 
Capacity: Capacity is widely available for all services however blank sailings are not out of the question for this trade.
Equipment: Availability at virtually all inland points and seaports. However, chassis access remains posing challenges for intermodal movement.

  • Book at least two weeks prior to the time of departure.
  • Shippers with high volume projects should take advantage of the carriers’ receptiveness to take on these opportunities. Space is wide open with a high acceptance rate.
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Port of Wilmington Reaches #1 Spot for Top U.S. Port Performer in 2022

Among U.S. ports for container ships spending the fewest hours at berth last year, Port of Wilmington received the top honor.

The port opened a new truck gate last year, which had advanced features like optical character readers, radio frequency identification and weigh-in-motion scales.

The port has also significantly invested in their refrigerate container storage, which helped them move more quickly service

While Virginia notched the number two spot in North America.

Source: JOC

Freight News

“Reshoring” Trend – Will More Companies Source Products Closer to Home?

Reshoring is when companies bring production and manufacturing back to the country in which the company was first established.

For example, if a company is based in the United States and outsources production to China but after a few years they decide to move their production back to the U.S.

Some industry experts say moving some production closer to home is ‘vital’.

Furthermore, the U.S. has been increasing incentives for domestic manufacturing, including that of computer chips and electric vehicle components. The European Union has also announced a 43 billion euro ($46 billion) package to boost chip manufacturing.

CNBC also mentions the Tik Tok effect and when more and more things go “viral” how businesses are viewing the importance of being able to react faster to produce items when they are supplied locally.

Summer Driving Demand for Fuel

With the official first day of summer just a few weeks away, travel continues to rapidly rebound back to pre-pandemic levels. Many are out driving, which increases gasoline sales especially from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.

Gasoline prices averaged $3.545 per gallon as of June 6th, which is down 23 percent year-over-year, according to AAA.

Air travel is also increasing, leading to an overall consumption of jet fuel.

Lower crude costs have been “keeping the prices of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel in check,” but “Western inventories are low, and consumption is strong”, with the supply-demand balance and Atlantic Basin tanker rates possibly changing quickly.

Additionally, the Energy Information Administration does not expect a summer spike in gasoline prices.

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Topics: Transatlantic Trade Lane Updates, Technology: the difference between technology visibility and qualified industry experts to fix/improve each shipment, In the News and Market Updates!

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Our next webinar is on Wednesday, June 21st, at 10am CST!

We will be having Cowan Logistics as our special guests to discuss drayage service and how we work together.

We will have discussions on how forwarders and drayman work together to fulfill a perfect alignment, how familiarity and consistency in the final mile is crucial, how to receive on-time delivery with no demurrage or pier diem, and more. 

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What is Coffee & Cargo? Every month, our experts sit down to discuss what’s currently happening in the shipping industry. Every so often we are joined by special guests, who share their specific expertise and experiences.

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Last week’s insights we discussed all about peak season and how have industry forecasts held up.

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