Break Bulk Shipping - What You Need to Know About Shipping Oversized Cargo

Break Bulk Shipping: What You Need to Know About Shipping Oversized Cargo

Most companies never need to look much beyond the more traditional shipping methods to move their goods. They can pack a container and send their freight by air or by sea. But if your cargo is too big to fit a container or too heavy to forward by plane, how do you go about transporting it from point A to point B? The only real option left is break bulk shipping.

What is Break Bulk Shipping?

With break bulk shipping, goods won’t fit the dimensions of general-purpose containers. Construction equipment, oversized vehicles, boats, cranes, generators, and manufacturing materials all tend to fall under break bulk shipping — or at least that’s the norm.

Sounds easy enough, right? Think again.

At a Hefty Price

Shipping break bulk is often more expensive than other shipping methods. This is partly due to space, as oversized freight often takes up more room in a vessel than items packaged neatly in uniformed, stackable containers.

It also has something to do with the handling of the shipment. Usually, the time it takes to load and unload oversized cargo is much more intensive than standard containers or cargo bins. Each piece must be moved individually with special equipment.

Not Without Advantages

Though you’ll incur higher costs when shipping oversized goods, it’s still a more affordable option than the alternative: dismantle the goods for shipment. Many times, it’ll cost you more in money and time when you must dissemble and then reassemble something like a crane, generator, or vehicle. The item is ready for dispatch as soon as it reaches its destination.

If you’d like to learn more about break bulk shipping, or would like to discuss moving oversized cargo, the team at InterlogUSA is more than willing to discuss your options. Our experience and equipment make it possible to move almost anything, anywhere you need. Give us a call and we can help you out!


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  1. Breakbulk cargo is defined as general cargo or goods that do not fit in or utilize standard shipping containers or cargo bins. Breakbulk is also different from bulk shipping, which is used for cargo such as petroleum products or grain. Instead, breakbulk cargo is transported individually, oftentimes on a skid or pallet or in a crate

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