What Has Your Freight Forwarder Done For You Recently

What Has Your Freight Forwarder Done For You Recently?

Our team at InterlogUSA surveyed hundreds of companies and found out 65% have frustrations with their current forwarder. Within that 65%, about 97% of their pains can be identified under 4 different areas.

So ask yourself….

What Has Your Forwarder Done For You?

This is a big question. In previous posts, we wrote about whether companies are content vs happy with their freight forwarder. It is imperative to take time to evaluate if expectations are being met. Are you receiving good communication from your forwarder on different milestones throughout the transit? Or are you settling because switching seems too difficult? Many companies are afraid that switching forwarders won’t bring about any better results.

97% of those who are frustrated with their current forwarder have frustrations in 1 of the 4 areas:

1. Unmet Expectations for Shipment Delivery

2. Transactional Surprises Causing Unneeded Tension and Cost

3. Difficulty and Lack of Process for Filing Shipment Insurance Claims

4. Frustrations Over Options and Accessibility of International Shipping Rates

Solving these 4 pains have been the primary focus of the Interlog USA team, and have served as building blocks for the way we treat our customers. All of this is being accomplished through our own proprietary process known as the Interlog SHIELD Protocol:

Interlog SHIELD Protocol

We pride ourselves with good customer service and loyalty to our customers. So our team took the time to understand what frustrations companies experience with freight forwarders. This research is being used to protect customers from the 4 great burns in our industry.

The Interlog SHIELD Protocol provides a clear answer to every common frustration in our industry:

TEF (Transactional Expectations Form)

Have you ever been left dealing with problems that could have been avoided up front? Undeclared expectations are responsible for so many issues in the shipping industry and generally keep the freight forwarder from accepting any responsibility for inaction and failures.

TEF solves the problem of unmet expectations for shipment delivery. Before shipment even goes out, TEF clearly defines expectations, responsibilities, and roles of all parties involved in the shipment. This solves issues including delays, expenses, and vendor accountability. TEF allows you to keep your freight forwarders accountable while reducing the chances of surprises while your shipment is in transit.

GEMCA (Guaranteed Empowered Milestone & Cost Awareness)

Have you ever experienced frustration over hidden costs and surprises in the later stages of a shipment in transit? What about being drowned in a sea of meaningless notifications, causing you to miss the important ones?

GEMCA eliminates transactional surprises. Freight forwarders track upwards of 30 milestones for every shipment, but very few of these are actually relevant to customers. Receiving droves of notifications for every milestone can cause you to miss the important ones. Overlooking the crucial details can lead to delays and extra expenses. GEMCA lets you pick your top 5 milestones you want to be notified of, and you will receive communication via phone call, text, and email. If we fail to keep you updated, we will pay you $1,000.

GCA (Global Claims Assist)

Filing international shipping claims feels nearly impossible. There is no standardized process out there, so we created our own.

GCA is an easy, automated web form that gives you power to demand payment from all vendors who fingerprinted your damaged cargo. By submitting all the information on the form, all vendors who touched you cargo while in transit will be notified of your demand for payment.

TORCH (Online Rates)

Are you tired of limitations over options and accessibility of international shipping rates?

With TORCH, you get instant and accurate international shipping rates. This keeps you from wasting time emailing a million details for one quote, one option, and one price. Enter your basic cargo details and TORCH will present you with multiple shipping mode, price, and transit time options. Our goal is to provide a simple pricing tool for comparison purposes, justifying price creep, or looking for a quick solution to book your freight.


We differentiate ourselves from our competitors with our Interlog SHIELD Protocol. Our goal is and always has been to provide customers the best experience possible. The Interlog SHIELD Protocol is our way of using actual research data to solve the 4 most common burns that shippers experience. Regardless of which frustration you are dealing with, we have a solution!

If you feel that your current freight forwarder is not meeting your expectations, listening to you, or ultimately solving your underlying frustrations, reach out to our team members! We would love to talk more about how our SHIELD Protocol can benefit your company!


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