Small Global Companies

Small Global Companies

Today’s technology allows small and medium-sized enterprises to operate as large multinationals.

In a global and highly competitive business environment, it is essential to discover new markets and take advantage of new business opportunities.

Up to now, small and medium-sized companies were not able to compete with large multinationals and operate in different countries, but now the technology facilitates their entry into international markets.

Technology such as international virtual numbers. An international virtual number is a number that is apparently identical to a fixed number in a foreign country but is not hosted on any telephone device.

That is, the international virtual number consists of the same number of digits and an area code typical of the foreign country, but the number is hosted in the cloud. Because it is hosted in the cloud, you need to divert incoming calls to other phone lines that are hosted on landline or cellular devices.

There is also the possibility of receiving the calls that the virtual number of the foreign country receives on the computer, the mobile phone or on the tablet. This is possible thanks to WebRTC technology, which allows you to receive and make calls showing your international virtual number through your browser.

With the international virtual number, Latino entrepreneurs will be able to maintain their business in the United States while maintaining their projects in Latin America.

In this case it can work in both directions. It is particularly useful for an entrepreneur or company that is located in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia or any other Hispanic country, and wants to have a U.S. virtual phone number to do business in the North American country.

In this way, clients and business partners will think that the company has an office in the country and will be more willing to contract or collaborate with the company.

And then a businessman wants to have a virtual number from Mexico that his Mexican customers can call, and receive those calls on their American phone lines, without the customer noticing.

International virtual numbers are a technological tool that allows companies to get the local customers of the country in which they want to market their products and services to trust the company.

It is much easier for customers to call a local phone number, without having to worry about the extra costs of international calls. The international virtual number will lead to an increase in calls for information queries.

On the other hand, it is a technological innovation within the reach of all kinds of budgets. No need to buy special equipment or expensive installations. Therefore, both small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to afford to purchase such services.

There is a type of virtual number for each company. For those based in a country and their employees do not normally travel outside a country, the best option is the virtual number with detours to mobiles and landlines. This virtual number works over the traditional telephone network like any other phone number.

Conversely, for those entrepreneurs or managers who are continually traveling, the ideal option would be the virtual number per WebRTC. The WebRTC virtual number works over IP telephony, and allows entrepreneurs to receive business calls in any country without worrying about roaming.

So regardless of whether your business is small or medium and regardless of the business sector, it is possible for your business to become a large multinational with just one phone number. It is the best international branding strategy.


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