Shortages, congestion, record container volumes at ports, shipping delays, extreme weather events, potential rail strikes, and MUCH more all took place this year.

As this year comes to a close in just a few days, we look back at some notable supply chain events that occurred.  

January 2022: COVID Disruption at the Port of Ningbo, What Freight Rates are Expected to Look Like in 2022

Due to COVID Disruption, Congestion at the Port of Ningbo Has Increased

As many remember back in the beginning of the year, congestion at the Port of Ningbo continued to increase due to COVID disruption and more restrictions taking place. This caused a significant impact in the supply chain and cause many challenges for those in the industry.

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What Are Freight Rates Expected to Look Like in 2022?

For the last couple of years (2020 & 2021), freight rates have been pretty volatile and not in the best way. So, how are freight rates expected to look in 2022?

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February 2022: Chinese New Year Begins, Port of Charleston Sees Significant Congestion

Chinese New Year Begins: What You Should Know & How This Impacts You

Both Chinese New Year and the Winter Olympics had the potential to cause disruptions in the supply chain because of increased demand and wanting to get shipments out before CNY. As well as the challenges that could be faced with the Winter Olympics this year. What are things to know regarding the impact CNY and the Winter Olympics have on the supply chain?

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The Port of Charleston Expects Anchored Vessels to Clear Mid-March

Congestion has been a continuous issue this year for some ports, and the Port of Charleston was no different. Back in February, the port experienced severe congestion off the coast, with the main issue being containers to dwell for several days at the port before being picked up.

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March 2022: Marine Chassis Shortage, California Ports Improving

Marine Chassis Shortage Expected to Continue Into 2023: Implications for Shippers

The marine chassis shortage is not just because of inefficient movement and returns of the equipment, but also the lack of balance of supply and demand as U.S. imports skyrocketed the first few months of the year.

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Things Are Slowly Improving at the California Ports: Too Good to Be True?

The ports in southern California have seen their fair share of significant congestion – at one point over 100 ships were waiting at anchor of the coasts of the ports. We take a more in depth look if this congestion relief would be too good to be true.

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April 2022: Disruptions in Shanghai, How Empty Containers Play in Port Congestion

Disruptions in Shanghai and the Impacts it May Have on Your Business

When the pandemic first began in 2020, China was the first to begin regulations and pause operations at production facilities. As things improved, the restrictions were lifted, but it appeared we may not entirely be out of the clear yet, with Shanghai moving towards more restrictions due to COVID outbreaks.

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The Role Empty Containers Play in Port Congestion

There are two major ways empty containers play a role in port congestion. One issue is empty containers at ports can create issues with terminal and yard space. Another issue is empty containers can cause congestion issues by reducing the available chassis supply.

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May 2022: STB Emergency Hearing, U.S. East Coast Seeing Record Volumes

What Occurred During the Surface Transportation Board’s Emergency Hearing

At the end of April, the STB had an emergency hearing where it asked executives from Union Pacific, BNSF, CSX, and Norfolk Southern to attend and share their short and long-term plans to restore service. This comes after long delays and labor shortages have caused declines in rail service.

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U.S. East Coast Seeing Robust Volumes at the Port

Ports on the USEC started to see record amounts of volume. We take a deep dive into the different ports in the USEC that are seeing record volumes, plus current and future projects the ports are implementing to improve their ports.

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June 2022: USWC Port Efficiency Threatened by Rail Capacity, Europe Continues to See Congestion

Rail Capacity is Threatening Improving West Coast Port Efficiency

As the Port of LA/LB continues to see improvements of cargo flow and congestion, port officials worry that dwell times for rail-bound containers may threaten the current flow of cargo movement out of the USWC ports.

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Europe Will Continue to See Congestion, as Import Volume Will Increase and be Met with Peak Season

Congestion at northern hubs in Europe continued with little relief throughout the summer, as the lockdown in Shanghai was slowly lifting. Additionally, various worker strikes occurred which has also been a source of congestion at the ports.

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July 2022: Rail Strikes and Contract Disputes, Buying Patterns in the First Half of This Year

Rail Strikes? Congestion? Contract Disputes? What’s Currently Happening in the Rail Industry

A lot has been happening in the rail industry in 2022: Potential rail strikes, congestion issues and contract disputes are some of the leading topics in the news this time this year.

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How Buying Patterns Have Changed the First Half of This Year

Buying patterns in the first half of 2022 were affected by many ways, due to the effect that supply chain disruptions have had on producers, retailers, and other businesses. These have made businesses re-evaluate their business models, products, and pricing – which have a direct impact on the consumer and buying patterns in the year.

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August 2022: Low Water Levels in the Rhine River, CHIPS: Act Signed Into Law

Will the Low Water Levels in the Rhine River Create Supply Chain Issues?

In August, low water levels on the Rhine River in Europe were still apparent. Some restrictions were in place for ships, to make sure they were able to pass through certain sections of the Rhine River. Could this create supply chain difficulties?

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Grants and Incentives for U.S. Semiconductor Manufacturing has Passed Legislation

After three years of ups and downs, Congress passed the Chips and Science Act which was then signed into law by President Biden. The CHIPS: Act will help boost semiconductor manufacturing in the U.S., as well as tax incentives to help prompt investments in chipmaking.

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September 2022: U.S. Freight Rail Strike Averted, Stink Bug Season

State of U.S. Freight Rail: What Has Happened and What Is Currently Happening

A U.S. railroad strike was averted as the railroads and union reached a tentative agreement – keyword, tentative. We discuss the most recent update, as well as the timeline of these negotiations and how they got to this point.

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Stink Bug Season 2022-2023: What You Should Know and How it Can Impact Your Shipments

From September 1st, 2022, to April 30th, 2023 – Brown Marmorated Stink Bug season is in effect. Stink bugs can create potential biohazard threats in Australia and New Zealand, which is why both countries have seasonal import regulations to thwart the risk to shipments.

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October 2022: Hurricane Ian, Mississippi River Experiencing Drought

How Hurricane Ian Has Impacted the Supply Chain

Hurricane Ian made its landfall in the U.S. – one of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit the U.S. – and it caused some operations to be halted throughout the supply chain industry in Florida.

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Mississippi River Experiencing Drought: Will it Impact Waterborne Trade?

A massive drought lowered the water enough to create entirely dry sand stretches along the Mississippi River. Some locations along the way were closed due to the drought but were later reopened due to conditions slightly improving. We discuss how low water levels can impact waterborne trade.

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November 2022: Holiday Shipping Season, More Empty Containers Being Swept

Will the Holiday Shipping Season Be Softer This Year Amid Dwindling Retailer Demand?

As consumers and businesses remain hesitant of a potential recession, demand across the board has seen a downturn and its effects may last through the remainder of the season.

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Empire State of Mind: Port of NY-NJ Sees More Empties Being Swept

Back this summer, the Port of NY-NJ saw extremely high numbers of empty containers. But, reports show that more empties are being swept.

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December 2022: China Relaxes COVID Restrictions, Air Cargo Market Remains Bleak

Air Cargo Market Continues to Remain Bleak

All throughout this year the air cargo market has remained pretty bleak, and that is expected to continue through the remainder of the year.

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Relaxation of COVID Restrictions in China: What Does This Mean for the Supply Chain?

China has begun lifting COVID restrictions and regulations, though recovery of their supply chain is expected to take some time.

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Looking Ahead

It certainly was an eventful year, and as we enter this upcoming New Year, we continue to embrace a ‘new normal and are optimistic at what 2023 holds!

Should you have any questions regarding this and how it could impact your shipments, please reach out to our team today. Additionally, we have our weekly market updates that can provide you with relevant freight news, updates, developments across the industry, and more.


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