South Carolina Ports’ Reach Completion on Phase One of Their Inland Port Greer Expansion Project

For South Carolina Ports’ there was celebration to be had, as they recently reached phase one completion on their continuous expansion of Inland Port Greer.

Phase one included building an additional rail processing track and two rail storage tracks within the terminal. This added 8,000 feet of new rail will allow them to meet cargo demands through 2040.

The next phase is expected to double cargo capacity at the rail-served inland port.

First Inland Port in South Carolina

Inland Port Greer first opened in 2013 and as they progressed the inland terminal soon realized they surpassed the original design capacity estimates.

As reported by the American Journal of Transportation, the Inland Port Greer extends the Port of Charleston’s reach 212 miles inland with Norfolk Southern’s daily and overnight rail service. This creates an efficient way for imports and exports to flow quickly between Charleston and the Upstate.

The efficiency of this inland port speaks volumes.

“Before this facility opened, one truck driver could go to Charleston and back in a day. Now that same truck driver can come here five to ten times a day to load and unload containers,” Inland Port Greer Terminal Manager Will Angelich stated.

Additionally Inland Port Greer operates 24 hours 7 days a week and is similarly ran like a container terminal, as operators move containers on and off trains, instead of ships.

Continuing to Expand Inland Port Greer

The Inland Port is not done yet, as the next phase of expansion will include expanding the container yard by 15 acres to the east and the west, which will allow the port to handle 50 percent more cargo.

As well as, doubling the size of the existing chassis yard capacity and building new facilities for heavy lift maintenance and terminal operations, the South Carolina Ports officials say.

The full completion of this project is expected in winter 2024.

Industry Reaction

Here are some reactions from those in the industry, from project partners to the Governor and U.S. Senators and Congressmen.

“Expanding the rail capacity at Inland Port Greer will help us serve the Navy Base Intermodal Facility and enhance fluidity throughout the Southeast. This project is perfectly aligned with our mission to be a customer-centric, operations-driven transportation network,” – Alexander Luc, Norfolk Southern Group Vice President of International Marketing and Sales.

“Investments in our ports system are critically important to expanding our state’s economy as a whole and creating jobs for South Carolinians. By enhancing port infrastructure, we are ensuring that South Carolina remains globally competitive,” – Governor Henry McMaster

You can read more reactions, here.

Looking Ahead

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