WEEK 28 OF 2021
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Market Update

Asia --> North America

7-14 Asia to North American Ocean

Looking to Get Containers Booked?

The transportation industry has recently seen rates reach all time highs along with space and capacity issues. However, our team at InterlogUSA has switched up our process to ensure our customers keep their shipments moving. We are constantly staying up to date on market trends, providing customers different options and last minute openings if they are able to take advantage. With the stress this market has brought many companies, our team has been able to relieve a lot of that with our service and dedication to keep shipments moving. 

Freight News

Could Biden's Executive Order Improve These Record High Shipping Rates?

For the last couple of months, our industry has seen shipping costs reach record highs. Experts who have been in the industry for 35+ years say they have never seen anything like this before. A common questions many companies are asking, “When will this end?”. 

That is a good question. When will this end? Cost are so high that it has finally brought attention to the White House. Last week, President Biden signed an executive order to promote competitive markets and limiting corporate dominance. This order aims at railroads and ocean shipping. 

The order also asks that the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) to work with the Justice Department on enforcing its actions and to protect against high rates. 

So what does this mean for importers? 

Decreased ocean rates could cause more port congestion and longer delays between the date the booking is made and when the cargo sails. Importers would likely simultaneously plan bookings for backlogged cargo and increase purchase orders to meet the continued record consumer demand. Alleviation would come in the form of additional vessels and containers.  The need to meet demand for transpacific transport could also result in increasingly fewer bookings to inland destinations, which prevent the rapid return and reuse of the container at an Asian port. 

UPDATE: Wild Fires in BC

British Columbia has been experiencing a big heat wave so far in July which has resulted in many wild fires. According to BC Government, there are currently 1,045 fires and 102 just this week. If you would like to see the map, click here

Trains between Kamloops and Lytton, BC are currently closed until further notice. 

Trains on the Lillooet line from Vancouver to Price George via Squamish are closed for today (7-14)

For Intermodal: 

Continue to load imports at ports located in BC South. Exports loads and empties for ports in Vancouver are still restricted. 

If you have any questions or concerns about these restrictions/closures, please reach out to us today! 

Blog Of The Week

Shipping in 2021: Recap on the First Six Months

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