A Freight Forwarder Solving The 4 Key Problems of The Transportation Industry

Finally get what you have been sold by the industry.

We’re not going to insult you with the illusion of “cheaper” and “faster”. We solve issues through unified expectations, guaranteed communication, and role-specific visibility.

Solve My Frustrations

Solutions Backed By Science and Research

No Assumptions. Real Research. Real Solutions.

We devoted full-time teams to survey and actively listen to hundreds of shippers in the U.S. We learned what actually appeases, frustrates, and ultimately drives the freight forwarder selection behavior. Fun fact? Price didn’t even make the list. Another fun fact? 65% of shippers are unhappy with their current freight forwarder but have done nothing to fix the issues they were experiencing – by changing nothing, nothing changes. That’s why we developed SHIELD – to solve the 4 Great Burns of the transportation industry.

Partners & Vendors

5 Deep in Countries That Represent 97.3% of Global Trade

5 Deep in Countries That Represent 97.3% of Global Trade

We value both sides of a global transaction, and we need to ensure that your vendor or customer gets the same commitment that we give you.

We are 5 deep in partner relationships in all the countries you’re going to trade with. That gives us multiple options to help you get what you want.

Size Doesn't Matter (that much...)

Bigger is not better when there are only 13 ocean carriers, 50 airlines, and a handful of final mile truckers. The perfect supply chain doesn’t come from one vendor – it comes from the correct combination of carriers and the accountability of the freight forwarder.
Size Doesn't Matter (that much...)

Our Customers

We Only Look For The Right Customer

We recognize that not every shipper is right for every freight forwarder. The customers we work with are growing businesses who are innovative, performance-based, appreciative of direct-concise decision making and ultimately looking for a better way. If you don’t identify with any of these criteria, we wish you well but you’re probably not for us.

You already know the problem you’re trying to solve – give us a little bit of information so we can bring value to our first interaction.

    Our Team

    We'll take the heat. You don't have to.

    Do you ever feel like you’re the only one eating crow while your freight forwarder has a hundred excuses why it’s not their fault?

    Interlog employees are empowered to make decisions. Vertical management structures cause major issues with customer communication and decision-making. This causes internal delays as service reps rely on uninvolved managers to execute. Interlog takes an inverted approach by empowering our staff to make decisions. This allows our team to act on the information we directly receive from you – not on the misinterpretations and inferences of uninvolved parties.

    Interlog’s staff goals and incentives are not revenue based. They are based on issues solved. This demands a corporate culture of cross-departmental accountability.

    Regardless of whether you’re on the pricing, business development, or shipment execution team, success is achieved through the collaboration, accountability, and shared resources by every team member.

    Freight transportation is over-simplified as a “Point-A-to-Point-B” service. Due to its complexity, the only way to offer value beyond a simple transaction is to actually listen to what matters most to you. Interlog team members are continually coached to improve their listening skills. This allows us to genuinely understand the demands of our customers.

    Everyone at Interlog is vigilant. There are too many consequences for lack of action.

    We take action. We are responsive.

    Does This Sound Familiar?

    Duct Tape and Super Glue Didn't Work?

    The super glue and duct tape didn’t work to piece your broken cargo together? What makes things worse is the frustration of finding out there is no standardized procedure to process your insurance claim. Interlog has good news for you.

    Have You Been Embarrassed by Unmet Expectations from Your Freight Forwarder?

    You were left in the dark by your freight forwarder and it makes you look bad to your customers and coworkers. They have questions you can’t answer and your freight forwarder seems to only offer excuses rather than solutions. Find out how Interlog fixed this for you.

    Does Bad News Always Seem to Arrive 2 Days Late?

    Sometimes bad news isn’t avoidable. But, bad news coming 2 days late is. Ever received a frustrating shipment update past the point of no return? Or an important message got lost in a sea of unimportant notifications? Interlog gives you full control. Learn more.

    Are You Sick of Shipping Cost Estimates Delaying Your Ability to Act?

    Are you continually held back by the slow delivery of shipping quotes? Rather than painstakingly waiting for pricing, find out how Interlog enables you to make fast decisions with clear information. Find out more.