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Is Your Current Freight Forwarder Really Coming Through?

If you’re on this site for international shipping answers, then you must have questions your current freight forwarder cannot easily answer for you. Switching isn’t hard, so why would you not switch? 

  • Been With My Forwarder For a Long Time
  • Seems Like a Hassle
  • You Reached a Level of Contentment With Your Forwarder
  • It’s Not The Right Time

We get it! Let’s be honest…we would love to earn some of your business but we are committed to getting you the answers you need now whether you switch or not. 

How do you want to receive your answers? 

 There are only a few different ways to get actual answers. You could…
  • Spend hours searching the conflicting information on the web and eventually flip a coin for you decision.
  • Call someone you know who will have the answer.
  • Email a random company and hope they will respond quickly and without a big sales pitch
  • You can engage with the Interlog chat and get a “no obligation” answer to your question is the fastest possible way.

Interlog Has Solutions to The 4 Most Common Burns in The Industry.

Our Transactional Form was specifically created to solve the issue of nondeclared expectations. TEF sets the expectations and clarity around the dark spaces when a shipment passes through various stages.

GEMCA was specifically created to solve customer service disconnect. It brings focus to the components and tracing milestones that mean the most to you. Interlog USA, through GEMCA, is the first and only to guarantee proactive communication and cost awareness of the 5 milestones that impact your specific business the most. 

GCA was specifically created to solve the lack of standarized claims filing processes. GCA empowers shippers to demand payment from every underlying carrier who fingerprinted their damaged cargo. Let’s get you started with GCA today!

TORCH was specifically built to give access to customers needing instant, accurate, and competitive international shipping rates. TORCH is the first solution that allows transparency into the freight forwarder’s costs, modes, routings, and transit time options.