WEEK 30 OF 2021
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Freight News

Typhoon In-Fa struck China

a typhoon named In-Fa has recently struck China, meaning enormous rain downpours, flooding, and powerful winds. Although the storm has seemed to calm down, ports are feeling the effects. Nanjing, Shanghai, Ningbo, and Changzhou are the most notable ports that will be affected with mid-high-level slowdowns until the middle of this week. 

More specifically in the Ningbo and Shanghai port locations there are vessel slowdowns, warehouse shutdowns, and terminal stoppage. 

New Cargo Opening Rule Set in Antwerp Terminal

A new rule in being set in place at the Antwerp port. This rule was made to release operational congestion, with the hopes of leading containers to spending less time being stuck awaiting exportation. 

Driving into the context of how this will be done, it’ll be implemented through a 7-day cargo opening rule. This means that all containers are restricted to arriving at the terminal in a maximum of 7 days before the ship’s arrival to the port. The premature receiving time slot will be sent over ten days before the vessels estimated arrival time. Truck Appointment Reference codes are still usable, but the status for delivery will be negative until the port has opened access to the planned vessel. This regulation will begin on August 4th, 2021. 

Blog Of The Week

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Freight News

7-14 Asia to North American Ocean

Update: Peak Season is here and we are going into pre holiday preparation with a tight market. As we get closer to the holiday season, demand will start to increase which will make the market even more congested, and more GRI’s expected to come. 

Rates: High – Expect Aug 1st GRI 

Space: Limited

Equipment: Limited, way under capacity 

Looking to Get Containers Booked?

The transportation industry has recently seen rates reach all time highs along with space and capacity issues. However, our team at InterlogUSA has switched up our process to ensure our customers keep their shipments moving. We are constantly staying up to date on market trends, providing customers different options and last minute openings if they are able to take advantage. With the stress this market has brought many companies, our team has been able to relieve a lot of that with our service and dedication to keep shipments moving. 



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